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There are few things as rewarding as setting a goal and reaching it. Our team of professional trainers use their years of experience and knowledge to create lasting and rewarding relationships with our members, helping them to set and achieve their fitness goals. Have a look at some of our success stories below.


Vasanth was my trainer at Snap Fitness gym for over a year. I throughly enjoyed his routines and his approach towards helping me achieve my fitness goal. Vasanths' strength lies in understanding the individual's challenges and accordingly structure their workouts. He has a mix of understanding of the body and the mind, quickly knowing what individuals needs. I would say in all the years, my sessions with Vasanth gained the maximum results, it was fun filled and keeping in my mind profession, was the right kind. Highly recommended if you are looking for good health and fitness


Dr. Vasanth Kumar was my sports trainer. I am an athlete and needed to train really hard before jumping into any of the competitions. Being an athlete means to train differently and with proper techniques, so I could not have relied on any average personal trainer. Dr. Vasanth was different. He had been an athlete himself and knew the proper and technical ways to train. He helped me to rectify many of technique and movements through his advanced training program, hence improving my overall performance and skill sets. He trained me daily for a month except on Sundays and the result was amazing. His charges were reasonable as well. I am satisfied with him.

Dr Vasanth Kumar was my fitness trainer some time back, and he is a very good coach. I am an athlete, so I needed constant training and workout sessions to heal from one injury or the other and he always managed to heal me. He used to provide me with a diet plan. He extremely professional in his behaviour and I would recommend him to all.



Vasanth has been my fitness trainer for six years now and he exceptionally good. The fact I have been training under him for more than six years proves how amazing he is. I am a sports enthusiast and I usually get injuries so he gives me the proper workout. He addresses the root of the cause and finds the solution to the problem. He often gives me functional workout to keep me fit and healthy.


Beyond excellence. Very sincere


Dr. VASANTH KUMAR is an excellent physio and a great motivator to work with 

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