Frequently asked questions


What are the required qualifications to be a Continuing Education Provider?

FITNESS.INC & QUAFIT approves continuing education courses individually. To receive approval for your course, the following criteria must be met:

  • All course subject matter must be within the FITNESS.INC & QUAFIT Certified Professional’s Scope of Practice:
Authors and all instructors must hold at least one of the following:
  • A bachelor’s degree in exercise science or a health-related field
  • OR a four-year degree in a business-related field (only applicable for business workshops pertinent to a fitness professional)
  • Instruction must take place in a structured learning environment:

  • Provides clear learning objectives that a FITNESS.INC & QUAFIT Certified Professional can implement with his/her clients
  • Provides a clear assessment of learning objectives

What course topics will FITNESS.INC & QUAFIT consider for approval?

FITNESS.INC & QUAFIT approves courses from a variety of topics including, but not limited to: anatomy, behavior change, body composition, business management, chronic conditions, communication and motivation, cueing and choreography, exercise physiology, exercise programming, fitness assessments, injury prevention, instructional techniques, nutrition, post-rehab programming, specialty class formats and weight management. FITNESS.INC & QUAFIT will not approve:

  • Courses that prepare students to take NCCA-accredited certification exams (i.e. exam prep workshops)
  • Courses that are positioned or titled as core certifications that do not hold NCCA accreditation (i.e. Group Fitness Instructor)
  • Courses that are redundant to the experience and education of ACSM/ACE/NASM/ISSA/IFA/FITNESS.INC & QUAFIT Certified Professionals
  • Courses that prepare students for a different field (i.e. massage) or are beyond the scope of practice for FITNESS.INC & QUAFIT Certified Professionals
  • Courses that are not delivered in a structured learning environment

What types of courses will FITNESS.INC & QUAFIT consider for approval?

  • Conference: one-time event that may include multiple sessions for participants to choose from
  • Workshop: live, in-person training that may happen multiple times a year with a singular timeline for all participants to attend
  • Distance Learning: online or hybrid (combination of online and live portion) with a quiz
  • Recorded Webinar: maximum one to two hour recording of a live event presented online with a quiz