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  • QUAFIT Aquatic Fitness Instructor Certification (2023) (Registration open)
    ​ ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Must HOLD Current CPR Certification from a Recognised Institution or Organisation. Please note your QUAFIT Certification stands cancelledwithout a valid CPR/BLS Certification. Fitness professionals Personal Trainer Strength and conditioning Specialists Physiotherapist Student Physiotherapists Physical Education Students/Teachers Sports Coaches Players/Athletes Any sports and exercise science student (Full time/part time). Fitness and Sports Enthusiast Course Outline Learn Aquatic fitness exercises to help your clients do exercise which is less likely to cause damage to muscles or joints through rapid or sharp movements, or from pounding on hard surfaces. The Course covers the below topics (level 1 program) Day 1 American Heart Association Accredited Heart Saver First Aid, CPR AED course. Day 2 Introduction to aquatic fitness (30 min) Equipment & Facilities check (30 min) Exercise Physiology (3 hrs) Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic Principles (1 hr) QUAFIT Principle (1hr) Day 3 Safety & Health (1 hr) Types of Exercises (2 hrs) Stretching Theory (1 hr) Practical (2 hrs) Day 4 Program Design (2 hrs) Leading a Program (1 hr) Exam (1 hr) Practical (2 hrs) Course Outcome An understanding of how aquafitness activities differ from other fitness activities. Skills and knowledge which will aid in the selection, use and management of equipment and facilities required for aquafitness activities. An understanding of a wide range of different aerobic and anaerobic movements that can be used in aquafitness programs. An understanding of the principles underlying the design of an appropriate aquafitness program. An understanding of the aquafitness training requirements of special needs groups. Skills in the design and delivery of appropriate aqua based programs to improve/maintain aerobic fitness. An understanding of skills that will enable better leadership of an aqua fitness session. Career Options Successful completion of the course will enable you to complement your fitness training skills to work as Aqua Fitness Instructor Aquatic Rehabilitation Coach Assessments The difference between a good course and a bad course lies in the way you are assessed. Our assessments are designed in such a way that the participant feels confident to move forward in the course as they complete each assessment. Participants do their assignment work at their own pace within the course duration and are not restricted by any deadlines which is the advantage of self-paced learning. The assessments will make the certificate achieved more credible and valuable to the participant. This course has approximately 1 assignment and 1 exam to complete the course successfully. You can opt out of the exam and receive a Certificate of Participation not the certificate of completion. VENUE: CHENNAI Date: 16,17,18,19 February 2023 (Thursday - Sunday) INR 35,000 + 18 % GST (Without CPR) INR 40,000 + 18 % GST (With CPR Certification from international Recognition - including ACE) INR 8000 + 18 % (Only CPR) Alternatively, you can also transfer your Course fee using the following Account number and send an E-mail to with the Reference or Cheque Number Online Transfers Ac name: QUAFIT Bank: Acc no. 777705734567 IFSC: ICIC0001393 Account Type: Current account Branch: Tambaram west Cash Deposit Ac name: QUAFIT Bank: Acc no. 1190115000015306 IFSC: KVBL0001190 Account Type: Current account Branch: Tambaram west or send your Cheques in favour of QUAFIT to our registered office address. (CHEQUES SUBJECT TO REALISATION) QUAFIT #15/5, Kailasapuram, 2nd Street, Tambaram West, Chennai 600045
    Course Eligibility Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Sports Coaches, Sports and Exercise Scientists, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Yoga Specialists, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Students from sports and exercise science background. Level : Foundation Course Validity: 2 Years (Renewal of Certification is mandatory after 2 years from the date of certification to be in good standing) Course Content Day 1 Introduction to nutrition Introduction to human Digestive System Anatomy of Human Digestive System Physiology of Human Digestive System Metabolism Hydration Introduction to Micro and Macro Nutrients Carbohydrates Proteins Day 2 Fats Fibers Vitamins Minerals Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calories Metabolic Equivalents (METs) Energy Systems Metabolic Calculations Exam At the end of the course there will one assessment (Multiple Choice Question) to grade yourself for the certification. Venue: Chennai Date: December 2023 Saturday and Sunday
    Who can Attend Physiotherapists, Fitness Expert, Personal Trainers, Sports Coaches, PE Teachers, Strenght and Conditioning Specialists. THIS IS A FOUNDATION COURSE for SPORTS REHAB SPECIALIST Course Content 1. Human Anatomy - Joints, Muscles, Ligaments Head Cervical Pectoral Girdle Upper Limb Thorax Lumbar Sacrum Pelvic Girdle Lower Limb 2. Functional Anatomy 3. Exercise Physiology 4. Basics of Musculoskeletal Assessments 5. Difference between General Fitness and Rehabilitation 6. Injury Epidemiology 7. Injury Types 8. Rehabilitation Cervical - Neck Shoulder Elbow Wrist Fingers Thorax Lumbar Sacrum Hip Knee Ankle Toe 9. Exam 50 Marks Theory 50 Marks Practicals Venue ; Fitness.Inc, Chennai Date:15,16,17, 22,23,24 September 2023 ( 6 Days ) SPT FOUNDATION, AFIA and QUAFIT Approved 2.0 CEU Renewal Credits for Nutrition and Quafit Aquatic Fitness Certification.
    MODULES (Mandatory) Introduction Anatomy Cervical Shoulder Girdle Upper Limb Thorax Lumbar Pelvic Girdle Lower Limb Physiology Exercise Physiology General Biomehcanics and its Principles Introduction to Fitness and Components Fitness Assessments General Fitness Optional (Any one) 9. Sports Specific Biomechanics & Conditioning Badminton Basketball Cricket Hockey Tennis Soccer Volleyball Eligibility: Health, Fitness, Sports & Coaching Duration: 2 Months Seats: Only 2 Seats/batch Mode: Weekends (1100 - 1700) Fee: INR 15,000
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