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Is your choice of shoe right for you?

Foot is a complex structure and the primary part of the body for mobility/ambulation. The choice of wrong shoes can have negative impact on the over all performance of a person that might deteriorate into future injuries not only minimized to the ankle and foot but also to the lower back and neck.

So choosing a shoe is crucial to go ahead with any kind of physical activity that ranges from a casual walk to a marathon running.

The foot of the human has variety of functionality depending upon its structure (anatomy) and its muscular activities.

There are different types of foot based on structures and functionality that are discussed further,

Types of foot by arch

There are three different types of foot classification by the anatomical presence or absence of arches on the foot.

  1. Neutral Foot

  2. Flat Foot

  3. High arch Foot

Three different types of foot classification based on the functionality

Types of foot by functionality
  1. Over Pronators

  2. Neutal

  3. Under Pronators (Supinators)

Over pronators has two different sub types based on the intensity of pronation such as Moderate / Over Pronators, Severe Over Pornators.

There are different kinds / varieties of shoes that are available off the shelf from leading brands like Asics, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Reebok, Puma, Under Armour etc.

To choose the right set of shoes for your foot you’ll have to find out which catogery / classification your foot fits into.

Once you are assessed you’ll be given choices of different brands that fits your foot type and functionality (If required an orthotic*).

To get it assessed contact us / another expert nearby your location.

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Foot arch types:

Foot functionality:

Pronation Chart:

The Following Video shows the basic Anatomy of the Running Shoe.

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